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08-Mar-2017 18:28

"I started working with Hop Online just after I launched Zillidy in 2012.

At the time, Zillidy was an unknown brand in the market and had no web presence.

Steve Uster the founder of Fund Through saw the difficulty small businesses in Canada had to getting loans from banks or capital to grow their business.

Fund Through is like a dating service, matching lenders – ranging from hedge funds to high net worth individuals – with small business owners who invoice through the platform.

We started with no SEO ranking and now, due to Hop Online’s efforts, Zillidy ranks on the first page of Google for several highly competitive, important industry keywords, ahead of several of Canada’s largest banks.

The Hop Online team has become an extension of Zillidy’s marketing team.

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“He got an opening order for 0,000 and then he went – gulp – he had to figure out how (he was) going to get this funded, he didn’t have the track record and the bank couldn’t work fast enough to be able to get him the money right away,” says Uster, but the catch was – the entrepreneur needed access to cash flow to pay off all the suppliers.I have enjoyed working with them to date, am ecstatic about the results so far and would recommend them to other small business owners and start-ups." , Zillidy "Hop Online has been a valuable partner for us.They provide a professional service and great value.“They’re either too small or too new or too fast growing for a bank to even look at them but (some) are selling to high quality customers.” After a few years exploring the sphere, Uster co-founded Fund Through – an online marketplace where small businesses can get a line of credit based on outstanding invoices, not financial history.

“It doesn’t matter about your business, how long you’ve been in it or how big you are – it just matters who you sell to,” he adds.

Both outcomes will have a significant impact on Canada’s economy.