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Bloss, Jr, Topeka, KS June 16, 2015 Purpose: Defense/Law Enforcement "This was one of the finest revolvers I ever owned. I would be a millionaire now." Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 By Marshall, Houston, TX June 11, 2015 Purpose: Target Shooting "I had a friend who owned a Model 65 3" and I liked it.

Purchased one for my self then started working on it.

We ask that you please separate the junk from regular yard debris and brush.

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I experimented with ammo until it was at 9 o'clock and then filed the right side of the front sight until it shot dead center.RFP April 7 - Proposals for Oil Change and Service of City Vehicles April 7 - Proposals for Mechanic Work and Maintenance of City Vehicles.