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30-Nov-2016 21:55

"The investment will go towards establishing a dedicated ecommerce team in Bangalore along with promotion and marketing of the brand," Wang Guodong, president, India device business department, at Huawei, told Economic Times.

With just two months of sales, Xiaomi has raced up the ladder to capture 1.5% share of the Indian smartphone market and is on track to double market share sequentially, while Motorola has solidified its presence in list of top five smartphone vendors in India.

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The smartphone has revolutionized the world of communication, and the ripples of its introduction are being felt by the world of business.

The architecture for the future of payments has been finalized.

This week, Google laid the concluding cornerstone of the foundation.

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Many smartphones come with a wide number of tools that can greatly increase your productivity.

On when Huawei would start manufacturing in India, Guodong said it would depend on demand and volume, besides clarity on government policy.

Nearly three out of four people in the United Arab Emirates owns a smartphone, making it the country with the highest smartphone penetration in the world.

AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon all blocked Google Wallet from working on devices on their networks.

The carriers at the time had a grand vision of controlling the mobile payments space for themselves and taking a huge cut of every transaction.These multifunctional tools bring a number of benefits to businesses both small and large, but they have their pitfalls as well as their promises.