The frisky are you dating a cat

19-Mar-2017 10:17

I’ve had an interest in the paranormal for a very long time, and the event that sparked my interest happened when I was around 7 or 8 years old. I’m pretty sure Frisky was mean to everyone (including my grandmother), but it could’ve just been mean to me because I was an annoying kid who chased it around the house. We used to spend summers at my grandmother’s house in Baltimore, Maryland and she had a cat named Frisky that was the meanest cat I have ever seen.The Frisky: Celeb tweets during Oscars reveal what stars were really thinking (and doing) Twitter has done some crazy things to our world.Nerds have become popular and we know more about strangers than our closest friends thanks to the constant updates of their mundane thoughts.So I created a profile on Seeking, named myself “Natalia,” and got straight to business with the help of my friend.I wrote about how I was a college-educated, young, perky, bubbly girl who would love to “get to know you.” This arrangement site is basically where old, unhappy and married men try to pick up young girls in order to build a sugar daddy / sugar baby relationship.I caught myself by grabbing the wall, and when I looked back, there was nothing there.Then it hit me that not only had the door not been opened to let any cat in (and there were no other cats in the house), but Frisky had been dead for awhile and buried in the backyard somewhere. Certainly, but it felt much too real to have been some weird hallucination.

The Frisky: Freaks and geeks -- 13 shocking celeb yearbook photos From Tweeter to multi-book author With a name like Biz Stone, you kind of have to make something of yourself.

Of course, there are the exceptions — kids that pretty much just resume partying back at home or in Cabo — but in my case in cookie-cutter suburbia, it’s pretty damn boring.

But I also can’t deny that we’re in a bubble of our Ivy League hook up culture, and for the most part, going back home blows.

Being a little, erm, chubbier than the swift squirrel, the cat rolls around like a seal soaking in some rays at the beach.

The feline does get a few swipes in, but the squirrel ultimately outpaces him with his Matrix-like abilities. (We Love Dates) Sorry, bacon lovers—your favorite food is killing your sperm count. (How About We) Give the world a dose of ‘90s nostalgia this Halloween with these fab couples costumes! (The Berry) Tinder: The Movie may not be real, but it’s making us laugh so hard we’re snorting our coffee out our noses.