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Non-Western cultures apply classifications that are different both from the Western categories and from one another.

Most, however, make a basic distinction between "true" and "fictitious" narratives, with "true" ones corresponding to what in the West would be called myths.

This explains the choice of the name, the English adjective "mythical" meaning "unbelievable".

Of course, these stories were considered to be true at the time by the religiously minded.

Throughout more than eight hundred pages the learned author keeps up an irregular fire at the ideas and methods of the anthropological school of mythologists. Criticism cannot dictate to an author how he shall write his own book.

Yet anthropologists and folk lorists, 'agriologists' and 'Hottentotic' students, must regret that Mr.

Around 1100 BC we have records that the Greeks had in place an institutionalized form of story-telling about their gods, heroes, and mortals, almost always taught a moral lesson and always seemed to create a reflection of the heavenly realm in parallel events on Earth.

To properly study and even more so to illustrate myth, a large body of esoteric historical, anthropological, cultural, geographic, and architectural knowledge must be mastered; also knowledge of the properties of flora and fauna, and the appearance and habits of wild beasts and birds."The Death of Icarus" (MMIV mixed media) illustrates a true classic, a myth that speaks an important universal message to every generation a great example of the value of myth and its need for preservation in the modern day...

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Various elements of myth can now be found in television, cinema and video games.s, Drawings and Pictures of the gods and goddesses of Classical Greek Mythology in traditional oils, contemporary acrylics and cutting edge digital mixed media in the style of the classic illustrators! Cronus (Aka Saturn) was king of the Titans and forced his wife Rhea to surrender their six children for him to eat alive in vain hopes of breaking a prophecy of being supplanted by them.