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Jokes about the furry community aside, Disney fans are generally pretty rabid stans.

Most of us Disney, but there are people out there who f*ckin' love Disney, and live their lives in such a way that involves multiple yearly trips to various Disney Lands and Worlds.

Choosing the right day, buying your tickets, and researching all that the park has to offer are all things that must be done before you even arrive.

Here are 10 things you can do, before going to the park, to make sure you are totally prepared for a day at the park.

Show #1136 - Sparktacular Exploosiolosa 2017 Show #1135 - First Look at OWA Park Show #1134 - Branson Bigfoot and Glenwood Caverns Show #1133 - Winners and Losers Show #1132 - LIVE from Carowinds!

Show #1131 - The Gates of Summer Show #1130 - What Would You Do?

Learn all that you can about the park before visiting.

Thanks to the internet, you have reviews, tips, and standard information right at your fingertips.

The storyline for the first half of the event presented on the website is that Hikari Netto and his friends took the metroline to Hanayashiki theme park, where they suddenly encountered the supposedly-disbanded World Three (WWW). The event consists of a stamp rally; to save Rockman, fans have to use booklets with hints written in them to find the stamps of Rockman and the other stolen Net Navis.

The WWW members stole everyone's PETs, including Netto's, but at this desperate moment they stumbled onto Hanayashiki's Net Navi in the park's exclusive PET, "Hanayashiki. The Hanayashiki PETs serve as stamp cards, and participants travel to different parts of the park to complete missions where they'll find a Navi's stamp and then stamp it onto a stamp card (putting them in the PET). Stamp rallies of this type are a uniquely Japanese event, used as a way of getting participants to visit every location at a given event space.

After collecting every stamp, fans can present it to a representative to get an original novelty item--the first and second halves of the event each have their own clear files, corresponding to the missions "Stop Dr. By filling out such stamp cards, participants both satisfy the host's desire to show off the space, and their own desire to win a prize or entry into a gift raffle.

Show #1023 - Dollywood Meetup Preview Show #1022 - "Reel" Design Contest Semifinals Show #1021 - The Park's Urge to Surge Show #1020 - The Legacy of Arrow Show #1019 - Off Season High Rollers Show #1018 - Listener Questions: Part 2 Show #1017 - Listener Questions: Part 1 Show #1016 - 2016 Preview with Arthur Levine: Part 2 Show #1015 - 2016 Preview with Arthur Levine: Part 1 Show #1014 - Coaster Damus 2016 Show #1013 - Best New Attraction of 2015 Show #1012 - Ghost of Attractions Past Show #1011 - You Won't Believe What These Fans Think!

Show #1010 - Cool Stuff at IAAPA Show #1009 - 2015 Holiday Gift Guide Show #1008 - Fired Up About Sky Plex!The most magical dating app on earth is called Mouse Mingle, which is something you might have to overlook if you find the idea of speed dating a giant mouse creepy.

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