Two shy people dating

08-Feb-2017 06:55

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With most people, I'm reserved 'cos I find them boring and too banal. But, I am only shy until I get to know a person..I get to know someone and feel comfortable with them, I can be a total goofball.

It's just the initial "getting to know you" phase that is difficult for me (whether is a guy I'm interested in, or even a classmate - guy or girl - that I'd like to be friends with). When i worked in a restaurant, we had a couple who always came in for two soups, they always read two newspapers.

But we eat lunch together along with felicia and some other friends... I am a very shy person also and I understand that talking to someone is the hardest thing to do.

We obviously do not have any classes together because we are in different grades.

It's just better long term when 2 people understand each other. Of course reserved people can have good relationships, probably better than attention ***** extroverts.

I actually talked a decent amount with my last G/F b/c I was actually interested in what she said and what she was about.

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Heck, the first date is awkward for everyone, right?

I like a guy with a small social circle, a guy who's quiet, and a guy who only opens up after a while. I finally met the guy who I thought was perfect, he was attractive and quiet, just what I liked. This guy and I have gone nowhere because distance caused us to grow apart, and now when he comes home to visit he only hints he wants to see me and never initiates, and I do the same.

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