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Immediately after this new bylaw was approved, I moved to name OFFICIALLY John Wilmot as the Postal Meet Director, which received full support from the membership.He deserves that title, especially since he has been acting in that capacity for the organization.The bylaws themselves outline how bylaw changes can be made.If, for example, the HOA board wants to change the number of meetings from monthly to twice a month, the bylaws must be amended to reflect that change.They also usually cover your nonprofit’s basic rules for voting, holding meetings, electing directors and appointing officers.

CC&Rs set the rules for the community, establishing such regulations as the size and number of pets allowed, noise, installation of satellite dishes and use of pools and other amenities. As time passes, certain bylaws may become irrelevant or obsolete.

The Wikimedia Foundation bylaws had a major update in 2006, see discussion on this talk page and on foundation-l.[1] The August 12, 2006 revision of this page contains the text that was provided by Anthere for discussion.