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13-Jan-2017 09:01

It is able to download and install Windows Defender definition updates.

I've tried turning off Windows Defender and firewall, plugging my PC directly into the cable modem, trying Safe Mode (Which doesn't allow Windows Update to run), scanning all my drives for errors, and disconnecting all my hard drives except the boot drive but nothing has worked.

I went into Windows Update and noticed that it hadn't checked for updates since November 1st.

Every time I run Windows Update, either on the desktop or tiled interface, it gives a 80244FFF error.

Below is my log from the Windows directory showing what has been happening.

Error retrieving information from server [RPC: S-7: AEC-0] I tried to sync my account, remove an account and add another one. I removed my Google account from the device, re-added it, rebooted and everything was fine. Richard, this old thread has run its course and I'm going to close it now.

Is there a way to get Windows Update running as it should?

I had recently tried installing the new patch via the game client.

Its a pain the arse but may help if its corrupted files in the origianal download (happened to me). So I uninstalled and deleted the folders, ran CCleaner's registry tool, and am now re-downloading from the alternative download link at the main site.

My computer seems to get hung up rather easily..I'm wondering if there's a more core issue at hand or if some damage has somehow been done.The client seemed to get hung up at "Updating game client: installing update".