Updating game and ad information

17-Mar-2017 17:41

Or rather, it excluded Facebook's "ethnic affinity" groups corresponding to African Americans, Hispanics and Asians.

Candidates should have the quantitative skills to analyze complex problems and the technical ability to implement their ideas effectively.

The company says marketers might legitimately use targeting, including exclusionary targeting, to tailor ads for certain audiences.

Facebook responded to the Pro Publica report partly by saying it was committed to enabling communication that speaks to different cultures, featuring languages and faces that reflect users' own communities.

Facebook is beefing up its anti-discrimination protocols after concerns were raised about targeting technology that could unfairly impact certain races and ethnicities.

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Last month, a Pro Publica report shined a spotlight on Facebook's "ethnic affinity" targeting, which lets advertisers choose which groups toward which they direct their messages.

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