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This quickstart demonstrates how to connect remotely to JBoss Data Grid (JDG) to store, retrieve, remove and query data from cache using the Hot Rod protocol. One is a simple address book manager console application (Address Book Manager) that allows you to create, edit and remove Persons, manage a list of phone numbers for each Person, query and print the contents of the data grid, all using the Hot Rod based connector. The second one (Snow Forecast) is similar but it focuses on continuous queries and queries with grouping and aggregation. A linked server is a mechanism that allows a query to be submitted on one server and then have all or part of the query redirected and processed on another SQL Server instance, and eventually have the results set sent back to the original server to be returned to the client.To better show how this works look at the following diagram: In this diagram, a “ Client” can connect to either an “ Application Server” or directly to SQL Server to submit a query.All you need to build this project is Java 6.0 (Java SDK 1.6) or newer, Maven 3.0 or newer. The application this project produces is designed to be run on JBoss Data Grid 6.6 If you have not yet done so, you must Configure Maven before testing the quickstarts. Clients on Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 can receive this error when connecting to a named instance of SQL Server that is installed on a cluster or on a non-clustered computer with multiple IP addresses.This problem can occur for all versions of SQL Server.

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Before I get into how to setup a linked server, let me discuss the basic architecture of a linked server.The beauty of a linked server connection is that it allows an end user to write a query that looks like any other T-SQL query.For example, here is a query against a local table: To someone with an untrained eye they would think the data is as easily accessible as any other.For the purpose of this article, I will be discussing how a linked server can be used to seamlessly provide an application access to data on a different instance of SQL Server.

Note linked servers can also be used to access other non-SQL Server data sources, but that notion will be outside the scope of this article.

The "Timeout expired" error commonly occurs when an instance of the SQL Server Database Engine is not running, when the server name was typed incorrectly, or when there are network problems or firewalls..""Timeout expired.

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