Updating speedstream dsl ethernet modem

18-Sep-2016 16:35

The lights on the front of the modem will indicate the status of the modem and its connection state.Note: This information also applies to the 5100b DSL modem.If you have a home monitoring service (Back to Base security or medical alarm) that uses the same phone line as your DSL service, it is your responsibility to arrange for a central filter to be installed in your premises.If you do not do this, you will experience problems with your DSL connection and your monitoring service.It is also possible (though not recommended) to manually configure your modem.This can be done using a web browser to access the management software embedded in the You will find detailed step by step instructions for installing your modem on the self-installation CD. Place a filter on all telephones or similar devices at your premises by unplugging the telephone cord and placing a filter between the phone and the wall socket as shown.

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The self-installation CD contains simple step by step instructions for installing your modem.

Leave the user name and pw blank on the next screen 4. Plug the WAN or internet port of the router or firewall to the Ethernet port on the modem and set up a static IP, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS addresses on the WAN side of the router or firewall (Contact the router or firewall manufacturer for instructions).