Vanessa carlton dating third year dating anniversary gift

22-Oct-2016 22:01

Go on, I don’t need it,” Vanessa Carlton sings defiantly on “Nolita Fairytale,” her first single released under a new deal with Irv Gotti’s The Inc.

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Her personal life has been as perfect as her career.

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She was extra candid (thanks in part to a double espresso), but also a little cautious. She can be this all-knowing woman that’s kind of mentoring you but also like just the funnest chick to hang out with. Another strong female figure on your album is Linda Perry.

“Protect me from myself,” she joked after letting out a few barbed comments that shall remain off the record. She came into my life at a transitional period, where I wasn’t sure if I was going to just kind of go into scoring films, which I’d been threatening to do for a few years, or writing songs for other people. Did you originally plan to collaborate with her on the entire record? We actually have two other songs that are going to come out as b-sides. And Stevie helped A&R it and she sequenced the record. Also, in the artwork there’s a pair of boots that she drew. Who are some of the other artists you’ve been listening to lately?

She was born in the year 1980 on 16th of August and this makes her age 34 at this time.