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Lynch Park Steph, Jamie Beth Adams Philip Alden Jennie Allen Lisa Allen Arzana Alushaj Philip Amore Paul Armano Elizabeth Baer ! AC, Nex #1, good times w/ JL 1435 Quotes: LD hide the , You're a jerk Leaves: SM B to win NEC lia, Tracey (Baby, Shorty, Diesle) 31 Federal St.

Tanya Baez Tasha Bahal Tracey Bahia James Baker Jennifer Barker Sean Batchelder Liz & Sarah - best buds! Benito Buttner Jennifer Caccia A Kendra Cecieta Lyssa Chapman Danielle Chatellier Andrea Chesley Angela Cianfrocca Catrina Clemenzi Emilie Cloutman Jennifer Coffey ■ Joel Cohen m _ 'J Erin Conlon Lindsay Cooper Jen.

But most of all, it's about using you life to touch or poison other people's hearts in such a way that could have never occurred alone. Below: Adam Kotlik psyches Below: Sophomore Black himself up for the pep rally. Above: Sophomores prepare their Monopoly-themed wall. Right: We agree that the Freshman wall looks great. S • David Mark Hahn • Seniors 61 • Scott Michael Hansler • • Christin Jordan Hedman • May the future look better than our High School careers — Peace Love and hansoness Forever.

Only you choose the way those hearts are affected and those choices are what life's all about. 8 Student Life Left: Seniors prepared a wall that "Cast shadows on the milennium." Below: Two of the football team captains, Keith Derba, and Keith Motley, made an intimidating sight for the Canton team. Also may All those pushed behind by the shallow nature of their peers standup and succeed Anyways No Photo Available • Jade C.

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He has branched out and evolved since then into an all-around adrenaline addict, stunt master and two-stroke Renaissance man.It s All About Time Introduction 5 Student life Adrienne Dancey just keeps Aunna Pourang thinks that Ummm... Below: Suzie Rosenberg and Beth Goldstein show their Stoughton spirit. 4th Place: Place: Place: Place: 12th Grade — l^^^^^lk III* i» I 11*11 I i Bye • David Brian Gellerman • Ramey Nasser Ghibih • Diane Lopes Gomes • Thank you Mae Pae Avo Bingy Tony Luie Kristy thanks for all the help and memories I couldn't imagine my life without you BR KM CM CF LP KR KS ET DN I love you all Katie Waitie 1 2-30 Yes mister officer WOW None of this is happening No s#S in the champagne room I'll miss you all #59 • Beth Erica Goldstein • Weirdos, wassup? Laura, Lisa, Erica, Emily, Ali @ Dunks after "Camp Allen" '98 Ryan Desrosiers Erin Dexter Sharon Ditchek Jonathan Drew Lauren Du Bois John Dorey Jeffrey Drinkwater Maegan Dube Thomas Dubiel Kendra Dunlop Patricia Eaton Kelly Eberhard Angela Ebersole Derek Elario Tasha, Rachel, Trin, Lauren @ Tasha's house Steve, Annie, Amy, Ryan @ Junior Prom Amy Hall Jonathan Hall Ryan Hirschfeld Jill Hodgson Christopher Holak Jamie Hutchinson Laura Macaro Sara Macaro Kristin Mac Donald Allison Maden Erin, Beth, Christina, Anne-Marie - Myrtle Beach '99 Cornelius Mc Garry Matthew Mc Ginn Paul Mc Ginnity Justin Mc Kenna Ryan Mc Kenna Brian Mc Keon Matthew Mc Mahon Christina Miles Troy Miller Amy Mirra Jenna Mitton Joshua Moody F.

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Eugene Moore John Morency Jessica White Jacqueline Whitmarsh Jonathan Wood Micah Woolley Rebecca Yavner Camrin Yorgy Amanda Young Tara Zimmerman Camera Shy Rachel Barry Melissa Beaubre Alysha Fogg Kristen Moody Lindsey Trask Placido Valdez Justin Zwicker Tracey, Jess, Angela Jonathan Salvastrini, Christina Marchand, Jesse Leslie lams, Beth (Jane) 4 Boden St.

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