Who is jhene dating

06-May-2017 08:31

Months after dodging romance rumors, Aiko seemingly confirmed their relationship status by sharing an Instagram photo of Sean kissing her cheek and calling the rapper her man crush.

The singer, who collaborated with Big Sean on The pair were in Las Vegas for work and pleasure: performing at a show while also celebrating the birthday of Big Sean’s brother.

Jhene Aiko and Big Sean have been playing coy about rumors that they are a couple for months.

And now Jhene has revealed what is really going on between her and the rapper.

Jhene Aiko also posted a picture of her and Big Sean holding hands.

Rumors of Big Sean and Jhene Aiko dating started up in May when the collaborators were seen getting pretty close in a photo.

Since they dropped their joint album in April, Jhene and Sean, who have collaborated in the past, appear to be closer than ever. Music rhymer and the singer have yet to confirm their coupledom.

He took a snapshot on an airplane and added the caption, “Real ones on da way Europe. Jhene made her own post that showed her making a sad face.Aiko was shown sitting on Sean’s lap in the picture.