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19-May-2016 12:37

Well, she actually Favorited the picture on her Twitter account.And seeing that Tameka plans to appeal the judge's custody decision, we can only wonder what that little Tweet will lead to. Both are over 40, both have sons, both started dating Usher after working for him, and both tried to hide the relationship with him in the beginning. More pics of the fams spending QT together: How special.Is this the reason he wanted custody of those boys? I am no Temeka fan bcuz I do not know neither of them but I know right from wrong. And he sure is doing a lot of extra hugging with that one particular older son of Grace's.I'm glad to finally see the front side of Grace..impressed.

Usher needs to take his kids into consideration and realize his actions can confuse those kids. Cud not be to bad bcuz u married her and she was already a mother and saw how she treated her other kids and you still proceeded to making her the mother of your children. He sure knows how to play tit for tat with that bat.

Not just as a dancer or as a performer or as a singer, but as a humanitarian and a businessman and as a person.” Usher and Miguel began seeing each other in 2009, right after his two-year marriage to Tameka Foster ended.