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12-Mar-2016 04:38

What if she doesn’t text back is a scenario most guys dread to think about.

Once you have finally hit the send button after several minutes of anxiety you now have to wait or sit and wonder why the woman doesn’t text you back.

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If you’re really looking for your ideal lifemate, then being proactive is the only way you can be sure of success. If she’s the one out actively sourcing dates, and you’re just sitting there waiting for her to find you, then you’ll be dating one woman online and she’ll be dating dozens of men. By trying to reverse that process you are almost guaranteeing that you will only meet women who are aggressive and will tend to always want to control the relationship that develops between you.In this article we are going to discuss a few reasons why cougars don’t text back and how to avoid a situation like that. She isn’t interested: Don’t get mislead by an attractive cougar that talks to you nicely and laughs at your jokes.