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20-Mar-2017 10:53

As soon as she realizes you’re just playing her for sex, she’ll dump you with a lame excuse.

Also, don’t base the success of your dating relationship on your sexual motivation alone - unless you date just for fun and don’t plan a committed, long dating relationship.

So bear this in mind that a man tends to respond to respect or reverence and women tend to respond to emotional attention.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule but by and large (and also thanks to society) this is the general consensus among people.

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You might be guilty of one or more of these dating mistakes just because you are shy, inexperienced with women and relationships or simply too eager to please the people around you. So which of these top 5 dating mistakes men make on a regular basis are YOU guilty of?

You’ve been crushing it at your bootcamp class, bringing homemade healthy lunches to work, and you practically cry coconut water.

And yet the scale doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to inch its way down, and your abs refuse to unearth themselves.

But first, here are a few of the worst flirting mistakes to avoid on your way to becoming a masterful flirt.

#1 Avoiding Flirting Altogether or Relying Too Heavily on Tech Flirting Because flirting is so vulnerable, and for fear of being slut-shamed or creep-shamed (more about this later), some people avoid flirting altogether.

Once you are dating the woman of your dreams you’re assuming that you’ll “live happily ever after” - without any effort (or change) on your part.