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05-Mar-2016 23:37

In October, I published V5 of the MVVM Light Toolkit. It’s good for me too, because it creates less clutter when I want to support multiple Windows frameworks (and boy, do I support them! ) If you are in a hurry, here is the fix: In any class that uses the Relay Command, replace the line saying: The Command Manager in WPF probably sounded like a great idea when the Avalon team came up with it. The ICommand interface specifies two methods and an event: The idea is that any consumer of an implementation of this interface can ask the ICommand if it can be executed in the current conditions, by calling the Can Execute method that returns a bool.

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Conversely, running animations, responding to gestures, and adding the bling that makes your app stand apart – that’s part of the View.The Executed handler simply shows a message box when the command is invoked.If you run the sample and press the button, you will see this message.The controls in the UI aren't intimately aware of the command logic they are connected with, and the command logic is not aware of the controls it will be associated with.

Basically Routed Commands work great in certain scenarios, and are prevalent in WPF.

The visual interface consists of a single button, which we attach the command to using the Command property. The Can Execute handler, which WPF will call when the application is idle to see if the specific command is currently available, is very simple for this example, as we want this particular command to be available all the time.

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