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The daters, ages 21 to 50, give even greater insight into mobile behaviors and a new range of dating questions: Do you check your phone during a date? Should a friend call or text you to see how the date is going?Hearing someone's voice on the phone is still a key element for a relationship, yet people are increasingly more likely to rely on the relative "safety" of a text for initial contacts as well as keeping in touch as a relationship develops. Although the survey was commissioned by two niche dating websites — Christian and — their members did not participate.A 29-year-old hottie usually turns out to be a dyslexic 92-year-old. –has chimed in with a poignant description of this type of internet-hookup landmine.

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Beadle, a 41-year-old UTSA grad, shared her thoughts on the Spurs, Tim Duncan’s jersey retirement ceremony and more in this week’s Off-Topic conversation: I feel like every year I’ve interviewed you.

), but let’s just run this as the first entry in the By Alex Geana After all the slutty cyber chat, sizing of measurements and expectations, deep down I want to date.

So I set one up with a potential beau after changing my profile to reflect the dating vibe. We decided on a safe first date, coffee at an UWS coffee shop with hot Columbia boys (was this safe? I get my cup of joe – hold my breath, wait for the guy to arrive–“please look like your picture” ..’please look like your pic’ …

If your partner had a long day, give the a message. I don't feel like if we have an argument, it will be the end of our lives." Fighting in a marriage is common and can be a healthy way to let go of anger and resolve problems.

These small gestures show your partner they are loved and supported." This type of daily communication can help couples feel connected and united. Hershenson suggests focusing on emotions rather than placing blame when arguing. Use 'I' statements attached to a feeling instead of 'you' which puts the focus on your emotions rather than blaming the other person." Even if the fighting gets heated, Hershenson recommends never dropping the d-word — divorce — during a fight.

' is very low compared to 'I'm here with a group of people. Casual, easy and non-threatening — the simple beauty of text messaging is upending American dating culture.