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On his way back they followed him again until he reached his home.On 17 October, the four accused locked the complainant in his house and they assaulted him from 9am to 10pm using clenched fists, a folded gas tube, a cooking stick, a belt, hoe handle, and an electric cable while they demanded that he gives them back the gadgets he allegedly stole.You may do whatever you’d like with these squares, but soon I will be showing how to attach the squares for you to make fun things.You can make bags, bedspreads, baby blankets, lap blankets, coasters, etc.

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There is this false assumption that when you grow old, you can no longer rock. UK cover band Badboys were playing an outdoor gig, rocking some AC/DC "Highway to Hell," when this lovely old woman decided to take pause from her day to rock out.

An afghan (lap blanket) will take approximately 80 squares. I have segmented this series by months of the year.

Check back to this page often, as I will be adding a new one every day!

I know it’s a leap year this year, and you may find a bonus video in here somewhere. Below, you will find a thumbnail photo of each granny square. I change color frequently on my rounds of the granny squares, but you can make yours solid or change colors as much as you’d like. There are a variety of sizes in the squares, they are not all the same size.

If you click the image, it will take you to the video tutorial. Some may come out a little bigger or a little smaller.

2/7/1919 – 10/2/2011 We lost Granny on the evening of October 2nd, 2011. Granny never quit and has had cattle of her own even after Grandad passed away.

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