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Perfect Storm (air date: 2005-03-31) Jack comes back to town two months after the events of the Season One finale. When a young Harbor Patrol officer dies in a white squall while rescuing some students and asks for help, Tru has to compete against Jack to save her life.

Tru has started med school, thanks to Davis pulling some strings.

Contemplating the laundry list of projects to which “Tru Calling” owes a debt — “The Sixth Sense,” “Early Edition,” “Groundhog Day,” “Quantum Leap,” and sundry “Twilight Zone” episodes, for starters — you might even think of “The Graduate.” After all, the title character is a recent college grad/track star who stumbles upon her purpose — in this case saving people who died unnaturally, not marrying Katharine Ross.

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She started working in this series in its third season (1998-1999), participating in the Fourth (2000) and seventh (2003), and even in the first and fourth seasons of the spin-off of that series, Angel (2000 ).This episode was not aired during the original run in the United States, and was not broadcast in the US until January of 2008 as part of a "marathon" on the Sci-Fi cable netowork.Continuing the whirlwind promo tour for the third installment of the popular comedy trilogy, Heather was joined in the French capital by co-stars Justin Bartha, Ken Jeong, Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach.Just when I was convinced that I had seen the last of the Eliza Dushku from Fox/TV's Tru Calling, I received word that the second season will kick off with a juicy two hour special on Thursday, March 31st from - PM ET/PT.

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(Image of Eliza Dushku - Tru Calling - Fox/TV - all rights reserved - Photo Credits: Marcel Williams/Fox).Not only could they talk to her, they could basically throw her life into chaos as she tries to prevent their untimely demise. Try explaining to your significant other that you have to jet off to save someone who is about to dye from passing on. Never fear, the two hour premiere will recap the first season and will offer a peek into the latest season that includes the deadly deeds of hunky Jack Harper.