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he lives in Las Vegas Nevada and she lives in California so if they were serious about each other they would at least move closer. :) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- A lot of people, myself included, have been following this trainwreck of a relationship since last year.They've broken up and gotten back together 4 times that I've counted.The Wengert House dates to 1938 and was the former home of the Wengert family.Built in the Tudor style, the mansion certainly looks haunted and should be a great fit for the upcoming museum. Why did he want to meet him in the lobby, probably a big surprise. I'm not making this wrong decision, it's my choice to go with my ex or not. "I forgive you babe, help me get my luggage." I replied. Coming home was a relief, because Zak is here for me, and our protection. I felt happy, because I'm helping out a rough friendship. They went in the other room, while I went upstairs to unpack. Zak said "I need to tell you something." "Go ahead." I replied. "I've known you for 3 years now, and I don't want to be your boyfriend." What? "And I want to ask you, do you Marcy Lauryn Dela Torre, want to be my wife? I'm on the verge of suicide, I've had problems with this in the past. My Dad felt the same way, but told me to go with Nick, and end my engagement with Zak. "Please forgive me Marcy, I promise to be more nicer to you." he said. I told him " "Call your former friend, and talk things out. " "Okay, I'll invite him over here right now" he replied. It'll work, trust me." "Okay Marcy, I'll work things out with your fiance." Nick replied. "Me too Marcy, are your parents going to come to our wedding? "Who are you going to choose Marcy, you have till lockdown tomorrow night." Zak said. I packed up all my stuff, on the first flight back to Vegas, I didn't want to think about my fiance, or my ex-boyfriend. My Mom felt bad for me, hoping this will clear up soon with Zak. This situation between my fiance and friend, has to stop, once and for all.

A cursed mirror owned by Bela Lugosi, an assortment of dolls, and Ed Gein’s shovel are but some of the macabre items to be put on display once the museum opens its doors to the public.

The museum will be comprised of Zak Bagans’ personal collection of haunted and bizarre items he has collected over the years.

Bagans rose to fame as the lead investigator of the hit Travel Channel show Ghost Adventures.

He later hosted his own show, Deadly Possessions, which was based around his ever growing collection of haunted curios.

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The Haunted Museum will be contained within a legitimate historic mansion in the Downtown Art’s District.

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